Horse Facts

Did you know that Horses Become bored if left for lengthy periods of time in a stable.

Did you know that many horses are said to be frightened by pigs. 

Did you know that the freedom to graze and roam around at will is enjoyed by horses.

Did you know that horses enjoy being able to pick at food over a long period of time.



Horse Jokes                                                Horse Words

What did the horse do after he moved in?                     Whinny: a loud, long call horses use.

He went out and met his Neigh-bor                          

                                                                                 Mare: an adult female horse.

                                                                                                    Stallion: an adult male horse that can reproduce. 

When do horses talk?                                                 Gelding: an adult male horse that cannot

Whinny Wants to.                                                      reproduce.

                                                                                Filly: a young female horse under the age of two.

                                                                                                   Colt: a young male horse under the age of two.

Kevin: How did your horse farm turn out?

Alea: Terrible, I planted the horses to deep.


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